The Cabo de Santo Agostinho litoral is characterized by the beaches of Gaibu, Paiva, Itapuama, Pedra do Xaréu, Enseadas dos Corais, Calhetas, Paraíso and Suape. In Cabo de Santo Agostinho, two seasons are predominants during the year: The Sun season, lasting from September till February, and the rain season, with occational showers from March till August. The temperature varies little, with an average of 28°C, with a lot of Sun and a refreshing breeze. Please refer to the overview below for and introduction to our closest beaches.

Praia de Gaibu


It is one of the most known beaches in Pernambuco, located in the municipality of Cabo de Santo Agostinho. Its crystal clear seawater is great for a swim and for surfing.

The word Gaibú originates from the ancient Tupi-Guarani language and means "Waterhole Valley".

Praia de Calhetas


One of the smallest and prettiest beaches in Brazil. Full of coconut-trees and with a calm,crystal clear sea, it is very popular for diving and submarine fishing. Located less than 1km south of Namoa.

Praia de Paiva


Its landscape consists of a dense line of Palm Trees, clear seawater and sand. Swimming is interesting at low tide when small natural pools form behind the reefs.

Praia de Itapuama


This beach is characterized by its bushland and gold-colored soft sand. The sea is often agitated, ideal for surfing and water sports.

Praia Pedras de Xareu

Pedra do Xaréu

With rocks and natural pools this beach inherited its name from the fish Xaréu which can be found in large quantities in this region.

Praia Enseada dos Corais

Enseada dos Corais

This beach is surrounded by reefs and natural pools and with calm sea. A peaceful spot with a few recidences. Located around 2km north of Namoa.

Praia Paraiso


One of the smallest beaches in Pernambuco with a sandline of only around 30m in the middle of a wall of stones with a few palm trees bending over the seaside.

Praia de Suape


Next to the Suape port and close to where the Massangana river enters the sea. At low tide you may spot the Pontal Fort ruins. Located only 5mins from Namoa.


Beyond beaches and abundant natural settings, Cabo de Santo Agostinho also reserves other surprise to visitors. Like more then 500 years of rich history with events and monuments deserving a visit.

In the near vicinity of Namoa you will find the Metropolitan Park Armando de Holanda Cavalcanti, with monuments relevant to Brasil's history. The São Francisco Fort (year 1630) lies only 500 meters from Namoa and the Vila de Nazaré, where you find the Church with the same name, built during the XVI century and listed by the National Institute of National Patrimonial History and other smaller buildings and constructions from the same period as well as the ruins of the Convent and the Old Chapel.

Other important monuments are the military constructions - Quartel, Castelo Fort of the Sea and the Battery of São Jorge as well as the ruins of the House of the Lighthouse keeper.