Namoa Boutique Namoa Ambience Namoa Pool Gaibú Beach Namoa Restaurant Regional Kitchen Namoa Bar Namoa Suites Private Bathrooms Breakfast Namoa Parking Namoa Reception

Namoa - The Boutique Hotel

At the seaside of Gaibú beach

A special ambience

For special people


For Kids and Adults

Gaibú Beach

Beach, Beach, Beach... beautiful beach!

An ideal restaurant

An exclusive style - for exclusive people

Regional Kitchen

Come taste our gourmet menus

Namoa Bar

A nice drink, a soft ambience - Namoa Bar!

Namoa Suites

Beautiful suites for unforgettable nighs

Namoa Suites

Private bathroom in each suite


Start your day with a tasty breakfast

Private Parking

Just outside the entrance

The waves of Gaibú

Waiting for you to try...


A "Boutique Hotel" in a priviliged place at the Gaibú beach, Cabo de Santo Agostinho, nearby Recife-PE. The Namoa Hotel is an exclusive refuge offering, with confort, the best to those wanting to know and enjoy the most gorgeous of natural beauty.

With its 15 apartments, Namoa is a new accomodation concept.

In a competitive environment we strive to propose a service differential. A differential achieved through a dedicated team, truly passionate by the region, and by our structured approach in transforming your stay into a convenient and comfortable experience.

Our refections are served in our delightful restaurant, in front of the beach, letting you appreciate the waves.

We miss you already...

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